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Part 1 of 2

Thank you for your interest. I really appreciate it.

Here's my story....

I started my online venture in 1997. At that time I hadn't a clue about what I was doing.

...BUT I learned.

It took me 18 months of FAILING...but eventually I figured it out.

Thomas Edison once said...

"I never failed at anything.
Instead I discovered 10,000 ways not to do something"

Edison was correct. He was going to achieve his goal, no matter how many times he failed.  If a "road block" got in his way, he went around it.... A "failure" was just a message telling him to go another way... to find another route.

I believe your "mindset" is as important as any specific thing you do, in order
to achieve success.

Below are 3 Important lessons I learned before I found success.

Lesson # 1.


There were DOZENS of ventures I FAILED in.

...and it was easy to put the blame on others.

I could have blamed the program or the pay plan or the lack of support. You know the deal. It's never your fault...

... but I refused to fall into that trap.

The moment I put the blame on "MYSELF" was the moment
I started to make money.

Quick story...

Right out of the gate, one of my early ventures should have made me extremely wealthy.

As it turned out, the company I was selling for could not handle their business and CLOSED down!

They closed within a few months of opening.

Here's the kicker...

They actually BLAMED people like ME (and my partner) for growing their business
too fast.

I heard an actual phone recording from a customer who was complaining to the
company that they never received their product .....

and on that recorded 800 phone call, the company is quoted saying "it's not our fault... it's people like THEM (referring to ME and my Partner) that are selling too much and ruining our business"

Could you imagine someone telling you that you are ruining their business because
you are selling too much product?

Sounds crazy but it's TRUE.

That venture (way back in 1997) should have made me a lot of money.
I was bringing in over 100 potential customers PER DAY.

(upfront earnings PLUS lifetime residuals!)

I told my wife to quit her job.
(yeah I was a tad

.. but after all, the NUMBERS don't lie.

I was looking at a HUGE downline in the Cell Phone industry...

A piece of everyone's cell phone bill each month?
Can't go wrong there....right?

It was inevitable that I would be raking in crazy income.

In fact, all I needed was the company to fulfill their end of the deal. If they held up their end, I was looking at Tens of Thousands of dollars per month!

At that time, my partner and I spent over $35,000 promoting.
This was money we did NOT have.

We did search engine ads, national magazine ads and more.
We even had a professional spokesman create our 800 line recording.

We went into serious debt to put our plan into motion.
(we maxed out all our credit cards)

The GOOD news........

We brought in 1,000's of customers within a few weeks!

The BAD news...

We NEVER got paid!

I was due to earn $1,000's upon $1,000's but I never
received a single DIME!

The company folded. (they did not know what they were doing).
They couldn't handle the fulfillment from their rapid growth, and their whole operation crashed.. from computer id tracking, customer service to lack of available product.

...and that was that!

My partner and I couldn't believe this had happened to us.

We did something remarkable... and never got paid for it.

We had the potential to be doing Six-Figures a MONTH in Income,
and as I stated above, we never got paid one cent!

ooohhh that Hurt!

To this day I still cringe when I think about it.

So, if anyone had a right to blame others it was my partner and I.

... but we didn't blame them.

We fought the urge to find the excuse.

... and it was difficult.

But we made a decision....
a decision to take responsibility for our problems.

Whether it's the Wrong company? Wrong pay plan? Bad Product?

It doesn't matter .....
It always comes back to YOU.

.....and that's the decision we made. It was our fault no matter what the reason.


After the initial shock wore off, we kicked off the dust and started all over again.

It took some time be we found our way.

If you want success, you must place the burden on yourself.
It doesn't matter what product you're selling.
If you look for a solution, you'll find one.
If you look for an excuse, you'll find one.

Lesson #2.


Human nature is the path of least resistance.
Most people take it... yet most people DON'T earn money online, so WHY do what everyone else is doing?

I learned that if something is DIFFICULT to DO, it is a
GOOD thing for you...

Why is something "difficult" a GOOD thing?'s good because it will eliminate most of the competition!

People generally look to avoid work.

As long as you are putting in the effort, all you need to do is let nature run its course.

Hard work makes people quit.
They look for excuses.... and they FIND them.

That's good for you. It puts you in the small batch of people that succeed. 

So DON'T Run with the Herd.

Don't do what everyone else does, because over 97% of the people online are not making money.

Don't join that group.

Put in the WORK....... and join the small percentage of people who are
succeeding online.

When I first began, I knew NOTHING about computers or how the Internet even worked.
I made my living with a hammer and did not even know how to turn on a computer.

I discovered that with patience and determination, you can learn anything you
need to learn online....and this will put you on your path to SUCCESS.

Lesson # 3.


This is not just a business practice of mine but is a "personal" practice. I am a Christian. I am Saved by the GRACE of God. I strive to do what the Lord would want me to do, which is to help and care about other human beings.

It's not always easy. I fight the urge of being selfish everyday.

I do my best to put others first.

When you care about other people, you can't lose, no matter what happens.

Don't get me wrong...
We're all in business to make money....
I'm no exception.

... but I also like to sleep well at night.
Being part of another persons success is a good feeling.

I've seen 23 years pass since I first turned on my computer.

The time flew by...

Helping others & caring about fellow human beings, gives you a good feeling while
we're here.

A smart person once said...

"Character is Destiny"

An even smarter person once said...

"What you cast upon the water,
it shall come back to you"

I truly hope you find more success than you ever imagined.

If you have any questions, I'm here for you.

Your Friend in Success,

Joe Iorio


P.S. Thanks for being on my list. I appreciate you.

Ok, that's it for today....

Those are a few principles I feel are important for anyone trying to succeed online.

Read Part 2 of Money Machine below.

F.R.E.E ~ R.E.P.O.R.T

M O N E Y  M A C H I N E !
Part 2 of 2


For over 23 years online I've seen every opportunity under the sun.

Some are great, many come and go in a blink of an eye..

...but the one thing that always remains, is the demand for website traffic.

Why Advertising?

The Great Mark Twain said....

 "When everyone is looking for Gold, it's a good time to be in the pick and shovel business."

During the Gold Rush hundreds of thousands of people dug up the Earth to find their treasure.

Very few found what they were looking for.

In the mean time...

The Guy who set up shop selling the Picks & Shovels got rich, no matter what the miners found in the ground.

The "picks and shovels" for the online business world are advertising services.

I've sold advertising from home and earned money every
week for over 20 years.

....You can do the same thing I'm doing.

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God Bless You and Your family,
Your Friend,

Joe Iorio

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